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Affordable Wedding photography Essex, Wedding photography Kent and Wedding photography London, By Photographer Stephen Minett
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“Stephen specializes in contemporary, documentary style wedding photography. His unique and relaxed style involves taking natural, informal photographs of you and your guests combined with a small selection of more traditional group and family shots. One of the best new wedding photographers to enter the wedding photography field in many years”

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Stephen ‘s vibrant enthusiasm, creativity and raw talent as a wedding photographer enables him to produce thought provoking and memorable reportage images of your event with out compromise on the traditional. Whatever the occasion, he will provide you with a very personal service, and endeavor to spoil you for choice with a diverse range of images of the highest standard

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Stephen was recently featured as one of the finalist photographers for Wedding of the year. "Maintaining his usual relaxed style, and continuously pushing the boundaries of portraiture in the wedding environment, How his mind finds such wonderful pictures is only trumped by the question of how he manages to capture them in camera?


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Affordable Wedding photography

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Affordable Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Essex, Wedding Photography Kent and Wedding Photography London

Desired Image Affordable Wedding photography Essex, sprang from a single amazingly simple wedding photography philosophy to provide the very best, most stunning wedding photography presented in the finest story book wedding albums and the most accessible portrait photography both in house, as a mobile studio and in the school photography market.

Started by wedding photographer, photographic coach, and ex Harrods consultant professional photographer, By Steve Minett, the wedding photography side of Desired Image Photography has grown purely on the strength of personal recommendation. To become one of the best wedding photography choices. His feedback speaks for its self.

His style of wedding photography is one of the contemporary a very relaxed style of wedding photography, designed to capture the details that go to make up an amazing day, mixed with the traditional formal, family groups that are a must for such a uniquely special occasion. Desired Image wedding photography provides only the very best in photographic coverage of your wedding, Specializing in Traditional and Contemporary wedding photography in Essex, Kent , London, Nationally and Europe, we cater for an very special market, those of you who truly want the very best photography for there wedding day.

Show casing your finished Photographs in the best albums the market has to offer, either storybook or traditional wedding albums each photograph is lovingly edited and under goes extreme levels of quality control, the perfect images presented in an exceptional way.

By no means a "one man band" the company has myself as well as our highly regarded photographers, each one an expert in the field of contemporary wedding photography and fine art work together with our photographic editors and album designer to truly record an exceptional record of your wedding day.

Desired Image wedding photography believe the most spectacular wedding photography captures both the traditional and the candid, not only on the big day but capturing you both before your wedding, in your most special and romantic locations. Engagement portrait photography shoots for notices of marriage to stun, thank you cards a little more unique than the norm, portrait displays for such items as signature frames in place of guest books, a great way to display your favorite wedding photo.

We combine both a traditional approach to wedding photography with a photo journalistic slant, the traditional capturing those wedding photographs that you are familiar with the groups, the kiss, the rings and not forgetting the wedding cake. all our wedding photography packages include a photo journalistic approach to the rest of your wedding photography, the real details, the flowers, shoes, rings as well as a candid and relaxed style in the photographing of the guests, speeches and the general feel of your wedding day. all off this comes together in one album to give you a lasting and fresh looking wedding album, a treasure for both you to cherish and remember your day and an heirloom for you to hand down, with photography that will inspire and capture your wedding day forever.

We have also adopted a new style of wedding photography, popular in the far east, hūn shā shè yǐng, this is something completely different and if you want, is something that is possible to arrange, this style of wedding photography is something best kept for the day after your actual wedding, with a background in high fashion, this is a unique service. A true high fashion shoot either in studio or on location, our photographer will be accompanied on the day by both makeup artist and hair stylist, shot in a vogue style this shoot can take place anywhere.

Wedding photography has evolved, when i started as a wedding photographer it was rare for a wedding photographer to take more than 30 photographs at a wedding, times have changed technology has moved on and it now means a wedding photographer is not limited by film. Its not unusual for a team of to wedding photographers to take in excess of 500 photographs at a single wedding.

Employing photographers that have had a founding in the old film based days, allows us to ensure that they have the skills to get the images right first time and fortunately we don't have to rely on post processing and correction, we do however still have a team of editors that do deal with finishing touches and album creation.

Working as a wedding photographer in most areas, and can claim to be wedding photographers in Essex, wedding photographers in Kent and wedding photographers in London as well as having covered weddings both nationally and internationally, we could never describe our wedding photography as cheap wedding photography but we do keep it affordable wedding photography, with the option to pay for our packages in easy interest free payments. Affordable wedding photography not cheap wedding photography.

To find out more about or wedding photography services, please make yourself at home, our wedding photography offers change form time to time so it may be worth popping back just to see if our wedding packages have changed in price since you last looked, you can bookmark this site by clicking here.

About Stephen Minett

I can't remember when I first picked up a camera, like most things' at that age I'm sure I took it to bits, I do remember a fascination with the process, I remember I chose a camera over a school trip at 13 and my future had been set. This one missed trip has provided me the opportunity to work and continue to work, both nationally and internationally.

I began photographic career working in the fashion industry, I gradually developed a unique style and confidence that distinguishes my work (or so I'm reliably informed) from the main stream. Now 14 years on from this first commission, Consultant professional at Harrods of knights bridge, i concentrate my efforts on portrait and event work, although I still do the occasional PR assignment, I tend to find a unique enjoyment from providing memorable images that event photography particularly wedding photography provides the opportunity to do.

My style of photography? I hate to be Pigeonholed as a photographer in to any particular style, I hope I'm adaptable enough and listen to my clients enough to produce the images they require, and my experience in fashion photography has helped this no end!!

If pushed Id describe myself as a contemporary photographer who if the definition is to be correct, shoots a mixture of reportage story telling photographs mixed with the traditional wedding style photography, giving the albums I've produce a balanced feel and true reflection of the day.

If you asked me directly I'd simply say "I shoot romance".


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About Desired Image Affordable wedding photography.

Desired Image Wedding photography, sprang from a single wedding photography philosophy, to provide the very best wedding photography presented in the finest story book wedding albums. Started by wedding photographer Stephen Minett, the wedding photography side of Desired Image Photography grew purely on the strength of personal recommendation.

Our style of wedding photography is one of the contemporary mixed with the traditional Desired Image wedding Photography provides only the very best in photographic coverage of your wedding

Desiredimage Photography, is as you have guessed, and i expect the reason you are looking at this site a photography company.

Wedding photography in London, wedding photography in Essex and Wedding photography in Kent

We are available for booking in Essex, Kent and London, based close to Lakeside shopping center this would be considered as our local area, we do also cover the rest of the U.K. and Europe most areas are not subject to a travel charge but this may vary .

We are often asked how we can afford to do what we do at what we charge, wedding photography need not cost a fortune, it does how ever involve a passion for what it is. we enjoy what we do, money isn't the driving force behind the wedding photography service we provide. I listened to a story once, i cant really remember how it went, but it did change me, i make enough to feed my family, pay my bill and I'm happy in what i do, asked if i earn enough from wedding photography I've learned to reply "I'm happy and well, isn't that enough?" ha ha sorry I've gone off subject a little, i do that, ha ha ha.

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Wedding Photography isn't all..

Established in the late 1980s, Desiredimage has various sectors covering the different aspects of photography, employing some of the leading photographers in these specific field, this site deals with wedding photography .

Trading under the name of Max Storm photography, Desired Image provides the following services and employs photographers in the following fields :

By Steve Minett