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Update Wedding photography at The Rochford Hotel Southend on Sea

Faced with what on the face of it was to be yet another day of rather wet Essex wedding photography, off i set to be the wedding photographer for the lovely Storme and Steve at the wonderful Rochford Hotel.

Its makes a change as a Essex wedding photographer to find myself once again close to home (two in a row) and with Storme not wishing the added stress of a wedding photographer with her in the morning I found myself getting an opportunity to spend more time with the guests as they arrive, and with their arrival the sun came too..

The venue although not a wedding photographers dream, has without doubt all the necessary ingredients to make it a stunning venue for you wedding photographs, even if it does require experience and a wee bit of creativity, one i would say for the experienced and seasoned wedding photographer only, fortunately after 13 years i am pretty well seasoned!

So 13 years (its closer to 15 now i think) i have as you can imagine been to many weddings and listened to many may wedding speeches, must the the speeches here ranked in the top ten, heartfelt and funny, the perfect combination, very much like Storme and Steve :)

Update Wedding photography at The Old Rectory, Dunton...

The wedding photography weather pixies decided that for once they would let a day go by without making me work as the world’s coldest, worlds wettest or world’s most adaptive wedding photographer. Blessed by a day perfect for wedding photography although a little on the cool side, we managed to make it outside and make the most of the early spring (although I’m now calling this late winter) light.


The Old Rectory, Dunton is a great location for Essex wedding photography, the grounds just about include every element that a Essex wedding photographer could wish for, Gazebos, Lakes, Bridges, Wishing wells and these wedding photography gems go on....

Today I was there for the wedding of, and more importantly the wedding photography of Jon and Natalie, who with their three beautiful children tied the knot after 10 years (Jon saying it saved issues with finding bridesmaids)..Jon who I spoke to last evening was suitably nervous and ultra excited although he did the man thing and tried to hide this, Natalie looked stunning before Lisa Alger worked her magic on her hair and makeup, if any make over artiest has a natural flair for their art its Lisa. It was a perfect day beautify conducted and assisted by TED the toastmaster graciously on call and ever helpful to everyone, a bonus to me as a wedding photographer when it come to organizing groups while I balance myself on the lip of a window 40 foot from the ground!

The staff at the Old Rectory can only be described as faultless, it is always an amazing experience when entertaining 70 people is done correctly and professionally, and the old rectory staff does this with ease. No stress, no billowing management just slick professionalism, no show offyness (offyness is now deemed a real word) yes, no show offyness, this venue doesn’t need to :)

Victoria and Ted both deserve a special thanks from me, oh and Keith Lemon, The guy out of right said Fred and Karl Pilkington. Wedding photography Essex, I do meet some in-famous people lol.

Update Wedding photography Kent, a trip to not so sunny Eastbourne..


As a wedding photographer I cover most of the UK, and on the very rare occasion parts of Europe, Eastbourne is about as far south from my office as it is possible to go without a boat, the beach IS as far as you can go but I’ll come back to that.

My word for this time of the year it is cold, and for hope that this is a period of fail weather to soon pass I will comment on it here.... IT SNOWED, but I like snow so that didn’t really take away from a beautiful day, and as a wedding photographer it is just one of the myriad of UK wedding photography weather conditions that must be prepared for...

Fortunately both before the service, and following the snow held off, during the service it could only be described as a blizzard. The Church st. Ozwalds, has only seen a few weddings over the years, which is surprising given that it is such a beautiful church, a little less surprising when I tell you that it is one of the remote churches in the south of England, not for location but for placement ant the end of a long lane which only leads to st. oswalds, if you like churches it is worth a visit, if you like lanes it is worth a visit.

The Wedding was planned with military precision, which was to be expected as Dr. is a serving royal navy dr., who took advantage of the honor of being able to marry in full dress uniform and exiting to the beginning of their wedding photography via a guard of honor.

30 mins away from these few church based wedding photography shots is the Opulent Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. this 1920s built hotel has style by the bucket load, as a Kent wedding photographer this is one of the panicles of the wedding photography locations, and an opportunity to shoot here is always an experience, Marble columns, sprawling marble floors, stunning high ceilings lavishly decorated, balconies, and a huge dance floor just beg for a wedding photographer to use them all, especially the huge fireplace, this wedding photographer, this cold day, liked that very much.

The Beach.. not to be held back when it came to having what they wanted, and its not often as a wedding photographer that you get the opportunity to photography in front of the English channel with white cliffs as a backdrop so off we went. Stunning results yes, hyperthermia nearly, need for the big fire I mentioned above Absolutely.

Update Wedding photography at The Reid Rooms Great Dunmow Essex



Update Wedding photography at



Update Wedding photography at The Barn Golfclub




Update a weekend of Comercial Photography

Its not all weddings, the comercial photography side of desiredimage photography runs along side the wedding photography side, providing everything from photographs of shoes to exploded diagrams of jet turbines, from construction photography to and in this case on spec work for spme of the most amazing locations in the UK.

Location photography is somwhat difrent to wedding photography you get to sit down with somone who tells you what they want, the finished image, the "breif" ...ha