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Wedding Photography London, why I love being a wedding pgotographer in London

Click to skip down to a list of London wedding photography venues or just read of my favourites below...

Less than 30 minutes form my base, London is as diverse as it is vibrant, wedding photography in London tests the skills of any London wedding photographer, and as a professional wedding photographer I have gladly had the pleasure in working in most for it.

As a London wedding photographer I have a fondness for the place, If you spend enough time in any of the world capital cities they get in your blood and you become a part of them, as a London wedding photographer, London is no exception.

I guess it was this infection that led myself, once a fashion photographer and now a London wedding photographer to take on a consultants job for Harrods, this only served to fuel the love for this city more, culture, diversity, and tube travel, I love them all. (except tube travel).

More over as a London wedding photographer you get an understanding of the workings and history of this city way beyond what you would expect, and i as passionate a amateur historian as i am a London wedding photographer.

I could list so many London wedding photography gems, that i have had the pleasure of working at, the big venues aside i have tried to pick just two London wedding photography greats.

on a very quick side note, ye olde mitre public house, not a place for London wedding photography but one for this particular London wedding photographer if worth a a look into, if you can find it, a survivor of the great fire, and now hidden from the day to day hustle and bustle in the diamond quarter, serves on of the best lunches in the city.

Sorry i digress...Two from so many are difficult to choose so I'm going to try the slightly more unusual...

Great venues for London wedding photography

The Dickens,

Once an international port, London dock lands has seen much change over the years, the spice trade and Indian tea companies once dominated this area

Wedding photography at the Dickens Inn, once a tea warehouse an in a slightly different position, had its 120 tonne oak frame moved to its present location, is a step back in time, a modern area underpinned by this stunning 4 floor inn, with a wonderful aspect over st. Katharine dock.

steeped in history, the writer Charles Dickens whom knew the area well would have walked these streets often, his grandson Cedric Charles Dickens,formally opened the inn simply said “My Great Grandfather would have loved this inn”, testament enough.

So why do i as a London wedding photographer choose this venue?

For me it encapsulates the essence of East London, the juxta position between the modern and the old, and as a London wedding photographer and photographic artist, this stark contrast add an emotive quality to the wedding photography.

It allows creative, romantic period images with a touch of the modern, the ceremony room is well lit, spacious and well designed over two levels. the grounds are a wonderful playground of the cosmopolitan. And with the Iconic Tower bridge as a backdrop to all this who as a London wedding photographer could ask for more.

my second pick

OK i couldn't choose a second

That is, as you would probably guess, not that there are no others, its just the fact there are so many, i have been lucky enough to be a wedding photographer at so many stunning venues and churches around our capital, I have been a London wedding photographer in Hotels, Public houses, Private colleges, maritime museums, churches of every nominations and most of the London parks, even a zoo.

I understand more than most how personal a venue can be to a couple, and this is why as a London wedding photographer, I work with you, to learn your story, and use this to portray this store through my art, wedding photography.